For Tablets / iPads

  For Readers / Kindles /   Nooks / Small Tablets

  For Phones / Remotes

  Grip Your Gear

LAZY-HANDS are available in many sizes and styles. You can get one for your tablet, phone, reader or controller. Just apply the sticky-back to your mobile device or case and you are ready to go to work.

  Other Uses

Other ways to use LAZY-HANDS.
You can use LAZY-HANDS for standard clipboards, flashlights, lightweight tools, remote controls, gaming controllers, and any type of scanning devices.


Students have gone mobile in schools.
Many schools give students Kindles and iPads to replace textbooks. Without LAZY-HANDS, those devices are hard to hold and easy to drop and lose.


Comfortable and easy to use.
These patented thumbs-free grips allow you to move and use without worry. No more hand cramps or fatigue while using your mobile device!

  Safe and secure

No dropping or fumbling.
LAZY-HANDS is safe and secure and makes mobile devices easy to hold, carry and use. It is a wonderful tool for persons with disabilities. Great protection for point of sale tablet use.

  Excellent for Travel

LAZY-HANDS helps prevent loss.
Since your fingers slide through your LAZY-HANDS grips, you won't be inclined to set your device down and accidentally walk away forgetting it.

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Our News

LAZY-HANDS® was chosen out of thousands of new products for a Retailers' Choice Award at the 2011 National Hardware Show.

LAZY-HANDS® attended the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada and Retail's BIG Show in New York City in January 2014

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