Best smartphone support for hand/arm disability

Not everyone has the perfect 20/20 health. One of the most frustrating health issues to deal with is any kind of neuro-muscular nerve disorder or limb loss because this kind of disorder or new life interferes with one’s daily life in many ways.  This affects the ability to hold onto something properly.  It’s difficult to either get a good grip on something or the hand itself shakes a bit, thereby leading to accidental slippages.  Be it your morning mug of coffee, a container of your favorite shake or even a small tool for a quick fix – holding them becomes an ordeal.  Thus, the person becomes quite dependent on others for even the simplest of tasks.  


Daily objects are not the only place the person faces a problem.  One major area that gets affected is smartphone usage.  Considering how smartphones are getting bigger with each updated version, getting a good grip on them with healthy hands is difficult enough.  Now imagine someone with a muscular, nerve disorder, or limb loss affecting that hand’s capabilities.  For such a person gripping the phone sturdily in one hand is beyond their imagination.  The hand will invariably shake and the phone will end up dropping on the floor every single time.  This is not only problematic for the phone but is also unfair for the person as they don’t get the chance to reap the conveniences of owning a smartphone in today’s age.  


This is no way to live.  Just because you have a disability doesn’t mean you are doomed to depend on others for simple tasks.  What is actually necessary is to have some type of a support tool which would be easy to use and will also help you grip stuff well enough to actually use it properly.  This tool has to be light as well, since your arm doesn’t need to carry around extra weight of a support tool.  


The good news is you’re in luck!  You can now bid your days of frustration goodbye because our LAZY-HANDS® Thumbs-Free® Grips are the perfect solution to your unique problem!  So, what exactly is a LAZY-HANDS Grip?  Well, it is a thumbs free grip attachment for using with smartphones, e-Readers, tablets and phablets, as well as daily objects like oversized mugs, light tools, containers, etc.  It is a revolutionary product that helps you get a firm and secure grip on the object of your needs and thereby prevent any unforeseen dropping.  LAZY-HANDS Grips are lightweight, easy to use and are available in different sizes to suit different hands.  So, in spite of your disability, you will be able to easily grip onto things and lead a normal life!  So, reap the benefits of LAZY-HANDS Grips and change your life!  


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