3 Easy Ways To Prevent Your Smartphone From Breaking

You’re heading out the door in the morning, about to go to work, and you’re running late. As you’re reaching into your bag to double-check that you have everything you need for the day, your smartphone slips out and drops on the hardwood floor. The screen is shattered and you don’t even need to see…read more

Take Great Vacation Photos This Summer

What’s summer without a fun vacation?  And what’s a vacation without amazing pictures to cherish it by?  Your smartphone camera probably works the hardest when you’re on a vacation.  There are numerous check-in selfies to be taken, along with groupies and landscape pictures.  And then there are fun vacation videos for the good laughs and…read more

Accidental Phone Drops

Let’s say you bought a swanky new smartphone with the latest features and most importantly, an amazing screen.  It’s no wonder that you’ll spend most of your time holding the phone in your hands and scrolling for hours.  And during one such scrolling session the phone body slips your grip and you end up dropping…read more

e-Reading and Best Sites for e-books

Gone are the days of shelves stacked with books.  With the popularity of the digital form increasing, ebooks and e-readers have now become the norm with most bookworms.  Paperbacks and hardbound books take up a lot of space, older books are susceptible to damage and carrying multiple books during travels becomes difficult.  On the other…read more

Best smartphone support for hand/arm disability

Not everyone has the perfect 20/20 health. One of the most frustrating health issues to deal with is any kind of neuro-muscular nerve disorder or limb loss because this kind of disorder or new life interferes with one’s daily life in many ways.  This affects the ability to hold onto something properly.  It’s difficult to…read more