Get A Grip! …On Your Smartphone

According to an article from A List Apart, there are three general ways in which people hold and use their smartphones and tablets. Forty-nine percent of personal device users hold their smartphones with the one-handed grip; 36 percent hold the phone in one hand and use the other to type and scroll; and 15 percent hold their smartphones in what the article describes as the “two-handed Blackberry-prayer posture,” using both thumbs to type.

While we may adopt one of these phone-holding postures as our default, the way that we hold and use our smartphones with our hands and fingers changes throughout the day. In fact, on average we interact with our smartphones in some way, shape, or form about 221 times a day. One minute, we can be full on gripping our precious device between our sweaty little hands, and the other we can have such a loose hold on it that the phone will slip out, hit a hard surface, and shatter immediately. It is in these inconvenient moments that we wish we had held on a little closer.

Here at LAZY-HANDS, we are dedicated to creating hand grips for phones and tablets that allow you to hold on tightly and comfortably as you use your device. Today we’re going to list out a few ways in which a tablet or phone finger strap from LAZY-HANDS can enhance the time you spend on your phone while ensuring its safety at the same time. Hold on tight — literally — and continue reading.

Using Tablets At Work

Do you consult an iPad or a tablet at your job? Whether you use one as a computer or for communication purposes, tablets are commonly found in the work environments these days. Chances are your employer has purchased the tablet and is allowing you to use it, but maybe you are using your own device for your professional work. Still, even if it isn’t technically “yours,” you still have an obligation to keep the piece of technology safe while it is in your possession. This is where LAZY-HANDS hand grips for phones and tablets can help you. All you have to do is place the grip on the back of the tablet and slip your fingers through it during use. This way, you can hold onto the tablet more securely and comfortably as you hold it in meetings or carry it around the office. Not only are you securing its safety, but you’re hand will be more comfortable as well.

Reading At Home

Nowadays, we find ourselves picking up our smartphones or tablets to do our daily reading. Whether it’s the daily world news from a news outlet app, or reading an article from our favorite magazine that we see posted on Twitter, we use our smartphones to get updated, stay informed, and to read digital content. Downloading and reading books on tablets like Kindle, as well as smartphones has become popular in the past few years. It’s an easy, convenient, and hassle-free way of enjoying a good book. That is, until the tablet or smartphone you’re reading on slips out of your hands and breaks on the surface beneath it. Avoid this catastrophe by installing one of our small hand grips for phones and tablets on the back of this device. Now you can sit back on a comfortable chair or couch and enjoy your book without worrying about losing a grip on your phone or tablet.


When was the last time you FaceTimed someone and had a difficult time finding a good position to hold your smartphone or tablet in your hand? Whether you’re laying down on your back or are sitting upright, it’s easy for your device to slip out of your hand as you’re FaceTiming someone. Your hand can get tired and lose its grip, resulting in your smartphone or tablet slipping or falling and breaking. With a hand grip from LAZY-HANDS, the chances of this happening decrease. Slide your fingers in the grip on the back of the device. You’ll notice how comfortable it is for your fingers as you hold and use your smartphone or tablet. Now you can sit down or walk around as you FaceTime, feeling comfortable and knowing that the chance of breaking your device is slim.

We use our personal devices, like iPhones, iPads, and other tablets and smartphones, many times throughout the day for more than just texting or talking on the phone. No matter if you’re using a tablet or smartphone for work purposes, or you simply want to sit down to read an e-book or watch a show, you can feel comfortable using your device without worrying about dropping and damaging it with a hand grip from LAZY-HANDS. Shop our selection, find your favorite color and design, and preserve the life of your smartphone and tablet.

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