3 Easy Ways To Prevent Your Smartphone From Breaking

You’re heading out the door in the morning, about to go to work, and you’re running late. As you’re reaching into your bag to double-check that you have everything you need for the day, your smartphone slips out and drops on the hardwood floor. The screen is shattered and you don’t even need to see it. This is the last thing you need to deal with this morning! Unfortunately, dropping and breaking smartphones is a common occurrence these days. We’re always using our personal devices, transferring them from our hands to our back pockets or bags, and losing a strong grip on them as we are reading or watching a show on the screen. No one means to drop and shatter their phone screens, but it happens.

However, there are ways to prevent the shattering and breakage of your smartphone and even tablets. Today’s blog post is all about preventative actions you can take to ensure the safety and preservation of your phone. Follow along, and if you’re currently reading on your phone or tablet, be sure to hold it tightly.

Get A Phone Case

If you don’t already have a phone case, you’re basically putting a death wish on your smartphone. First and foremost, get a case on that phone! A quality phone case is not that expensive, and especially so when you compare it to the cost of replacing a phone or tablet screen. Whether you order a cheap one online or spend a few more dollars to invest in a slightly more expensive heavy-duty case, the chances of your phone and phone screen getting damaged will significantly decrease with a protective layer encasing it.

Try To Keep Your Phone Out Of Your Back Pockets

This sounds hard, but it’s a good way to make sure your phone and its screen stay safe. Being so thin, those smartphones can easily slip out of your pocket when you least expect it, especially if you’re bending over or getting in and out of your car often. Not only that but sometimes it is easy to forget that your phone is being housed in your back pocket as you sit down on the floor or another hard surface, which can also do damage to it and the screen. It’s a better idea to place your smartphone safely in a bag, whether that be a purse, briefcase, or even in a pocket on the inside of a coat.

Purchase Hand Grips For Phones

You know when you’re lounging on your couch or laying on your back while reading, watching a show, or scrolling on your smartphone, iPhone, or tablet, and it falls on your face or the surface behind you? It’s the worst. First of all, having your phone fall on your face is never pleasant. Secondly, this is such an easy opportunity to damage your phone or tablet. But do you want to know how you can avoid this? Hand grips for phones!

Here at LAZY-HANDS, we specialize in hand and finger grips that can be placed on the back of your smartphone and tablet. Simply slide your fingers through the grip and you will have a stronghold on your phone during use. The days of dropping your phone on your face or on a hard surface while using it are over.

By keeping your phone safe and secure, you are preserving the life and functionality of your smartphone and tablet. Ensure the safety of your device by purchasing one of these hand grips for phones and tablets. Sometimes you just gotta get a grip — so get one for your phone.



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