3-Loop Phone Grip – Black

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GRIP YOUR GEAR  with LAZY-HANDS Thumbs-free grips for your iPhone, smartphone or cell phone.  You can even put LAZY-HANDS on your cover or case.  LAZY-HANDS will help you keep your hand steady while shooting photos or video.  Grip it so you don’t drop it!



GRIP YOUR GEAR with LAZY-HANDS Thumbs-free grips for your Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Mega, iPhone 6 Plus, LG G3, HTC One, Nokia Lumia and other similar super-sized phones and phablets.

Do you struggle holding your new extra-large phone that you just love but worry about dropping it?  Get a LAZY-HANDS Grip and take your worries away!  You’ll never find a more secure-feeling grip that is extremely effective for your needs.

  • The original and finest quality phone grip available!
  • Hand-crafted in America.
  • Thumbs-Free®, ergonomic, extremely comfortable and very secure hold.
  • Conforms to your fingers.
  • Removable finger grip.
  • Helps to prevent fatigue, hand cramps, pinky deformation and dropping.
  • Allows for one-hand use and extends thumb reach.
  • Applies to your mobile gear or its case with an acrylic adhesive hook and loop design that is easily removable.
  • Grip can be used as a kickstand by bunching up bottom end and re-applying to Velcro.
  • Aids in keeping hand still while taking selfies and videos.
  • Perfect survival gear for Pokemon Go enthusiasts.
  • Wear your phone grip on the back of your hand like a ring and suddenly you have a free hand to grab your beverage.
  • Helpful for arthritis sufferers, stroke patients, and those living with Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease and other nerve-related injuries.
  • Great for hand therapy patients.
  • Includes 1 3-loop thumbs-free grip and 1 adhesive-backed loop sheet.
  • Installs in seconds.  Directions on package. (Will not adhere to silicone, gel, TPU, or rubber cases.  Galaxy S5 and S6 may require a hard case.)
  • Sizing
    • Small — fits children and very-small-hands sizes for most young adults, women and men.
    • Fits Most — fits hands sizes for most young adults, women and men.
    • XL — best fit for extra-large-sized hands.
  • U.S. Patent No. 8,690,211.
  •  Made in U.S.A.

Additional information

Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 3 × 0.5 × 5.25 in

Small, Fits Most, XL

1 review for 3-Loop Phone Grip – Black

  1. Annie

    Love this thing! Truly protects your hands, thumbs especially from having to hold the weight of your phone and stretch in awkward positions. Its great for walking and running, so easy to hold. I never have to worry about dropping my phone. It also serves as a phone stand when you put it on its side. It’s not bulky as the loops fold down to fit virtually any space your phone could without them. Great quality, mine lasted for over 2 years with many washes in machine. I’m getting a new one because I got a new phone. 10/10 would recommend.

    • Christine Potter

      Thank you so much for your feedback, Annie. We appreciate it so much! And thank you for supporting small business and products made in the U.S.A.!

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